According to the Judge the Taxi Driver is “Making Quite a Career Out of Personal Injury Accidents”

A judge observed on Thursday that a cab driver appeared to be making a profession out of filing personal injury claims after receiving roughly €100,000 in damages from prior collisions. Ravinder Pal Singh’s fifth claim was dismissed by Judge James O’Donohue on the grounds that he had falsely sworn an affidavit in support of a new claim for €60,000 in damages, and as a result, he was responsible for the consequences.

Driver Sean Lennon’s attorney, Barrister Conor Kearney, informed the Circuit Civil Court that Singh had disclosed settlements totaling €68,651 in three prior claims but had withheld information about the fourth claim for an accident that occurred in October 2016.

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The number of damages he got for the fourth unreported claim was questioned during cross-examination. The amount of the payment was unknown to Singh, 39, of Liffey Road in Lucan, County Dublin, but he estimated it to be “about $11,000 or $12,000.”

Singh testified before the court that he had been hurt when Lennon’s van hit him from behind on the M50 at Sandyford. He had been off of work for just over a week and claimed that after 18 months, his back and neck ailments were healed.


In his appearance alongside Lorna Kennedy of Synnott Lawline Solicitors, Mr. Kearney claimed that although he had signed an affidavit attesting to the truth of his answers to the case’s details, he had omitted to mention the fourth prior accident and that he had misled doctors by saying his injuries had healed within six months.

Former volleyball player Singh, who is 6′ 2″, claimed he was unaware of signing such an affidavit. Judge O’Donohue was informed that the court was merely requested to determine the potential extent of Singh’s damages as responsibility had already been admitted in the case. Judge O’Donohue dismissed his claim and ordered him to cover Mr. Lennon’s and his insurers’ legal fees, stating that he was to bear the costs of his false affidavit and its repercussions.

Judge O’Donohue stated, “The court is skeptical of this individual who seems to be making quite a career out of personal injury accidents and has obtained a significant sum of money. In responses to questions about specifics, he had omitted to mention his fourth injury and had claimed to a doctor that he had healed in five to six months. Additionally, he claimed he had only taken a week and a half off from his primary occupation, which required lifting heavy luggage at airports.

“The court rejects the claim because it is not persuaded. He must bear the repercussions of having signed a false affidavit, according to Judge O’Donohue. He issued a cost order against him.

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