Anne Heche Was Trapped in a House That Was on Fire for 45 Minutes

A report says that first responders couldn’t reach Anne Heche for 45 minutes after her car crashed into a house in Los Angeles last month. During that time, the actor was seriously hurt and trapped.

Due to the terrible fire and smoke from the crash, firefighters couldn’t reach the car for 20 minutes and then couldn’t get it out of the building to get the woman out for at least another 20 minutes, NBC said, citing documents and radio communications from the fire department.

Heche, who was 53, died from an inhalation injury, burns, and a broken sternum she got in the crash. The coroner ruled her death an accident a few days after her life support was turned off in the hospital.

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On August 5, her car jumped a curb and crashed into a house in west Los Angeles. She was hurt. Both the car and the house caught fire. Heche was the only one hurt.

The actress, who worked on film and stage, died without leaving a will, so her 20-year-old son has gone to court to get control of her estate.

Homer Laffoon, Heche’s son with her ex-husband Coleman Laffoon, asked a Los Angeles court on Wednesday to be able to handle his mother’s estate. He filed a petition.

On the petition, Homer Laffoon and Atlas Tupper, who is 13 and is Heche’s son with her ex-husband James Tupper, are named as her only heirs.

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