Before All of the Votes Were Tallied, Georgia County Officials Incorrectly Declared the Council Race Winner

Here we have a news about Georgia County Officials Incorrectly Declared the Council Race Winner. According to officials, uncounted votes on a memory card altered an election in Cobb County, Georgia. After she said the votes were in, Madelyn Orochena declared her victory for the Kennesaw City Council Special Post 1 seat on social media.

“I’m thrilled and extremely appreciative! Win, win! Hello on Monday. “In the post on social media, Orochena wrote. Orochena’s triumph was short-lived, nevertheless, because a memory card was found on Wednesday.

Lynette Burnette was expected to win, but the results altered. Cobb County Elections Director Janine Eveler said, “Unfortunately, once uncovered, we did upload it, and it affected the outcome of the Kennesaw City Council race.

789 uncounted county ballots were on the memory card. Orochena lost to Burnette by a mere 31 votes. Following the announcement, Orochena shared her dissatisfaction and annoyance in a statement on social media.

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“This is unacceptable. And our trust in our governing institutions keeps eroding.” authored Orochena. Cobb Election workers were ready for a risk-limiting audit when they discovered the memory card in the Kennesaw region, according to election officials.

Election officials reported that the results associated with the card have subsequently been forwarded to Georgia’s Secretary of State’s office. Election authorities in Cobb County claim that the results displayed on the Secretary of State’s election page are now accurate.

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In a social media post, Orochena said that she would be complaining to the Secretary of State’s Office. Orochena stated, “I’m just trying to learn more facts, within my rights, so we can be confident whoever wins, wins pretty.

In a special meeting held a meeting Friday, the election results will be recertified. Election officials said, “We deeply regret this mistake and will initiate an investigation and assessment of processes following the forthcoming runoff election to ensure this never happens again.

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