Chanteur Christophe Willem is Dead? What happened? Cause of Death

Chanteur Christophe Willem is Dead? What happened? Cause of Death

2005 winner of M6 Nouvelle Star, Christophe Willem, nicknamed “La Tortue”, is a singer with a powerful and unique sound. Uninhibited, adventurous and fun.

After becoming an icon for many, Christophe Willem released his first album “Inventaire” in 2007, which included the singles “Elect product of the year”, “Double Je” and “Jacques said”.

After a career of more than 12 years, Christophe Willem returns in 2017 with a new album entitled “Rio”.

Christophe Willem spent his childhood in Deuil-la-Barre, a small town in Valloise (Ile de France), where his parents ran a driving school.

From the age of 7, he began to play the piano and then began to sing as a teenager. At first it was the world of jazz, and a few years later it was gospel and blues. Baccalaureate in hand, he began studying law while taking singing lessons in a gospel choir.

At 19, we discovered that he could play – especially sing! – Played alongside Richard Anconina in the movie “Alive”. Not really a fun sequel. Christophe therefore threw himself headlong into communication studies in Paris after this experience.

However, 2005 marks the beginning of the great “Nova” adventure. Between two course revisions, he attended the CA Sting in Toulouse and won a place at the Pavillon Baltard. The lanky look, high-pitched voice and sense of humor of the young man quickly won over the public… and the sympathy of the jury.

He then becomes “The Turtle”, a nickname that Marianne James kindly gave him because he wore the famous striped sweater and had a somewhat awkward gait at first. In any case, Christophe Willem won the 4th edition of “Rising Star”. Special thanks to his interpretation of “Ca plane pour moi” or “I will always love you”.

Along the way, he released his first single “Sunny”, a cover of the famous American Standard of the 60s which included Boney M. He would then have to wait until April 16, 2007 to see him release the first album.

“InventAIRe” was designed in collaboration with Zazie, Philippe Katerine, Valérie Lemercier and Bertrand Burgalat with a very “disco” accent. The first three singles were called “Product of the Year”, “Double Je” and “Jacques Said”.

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