Crews In Florida Are Working Hard To Clean Up After Back-to-back Hurricanes

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – You are not the only person with bags of yard waste waiting to be picked up from the curb. Several people who live on Druid Drive in Maitland have complained that they have been waiting a long time for cleanup staff to arrive.

Bill Behr stated, “Of course, I’d like to get it picked up because people don’t like to leave it on the side of the road, or if they do, it kills their grass if they leave it in their yard.” He is one of several Seminole County residents interested in knowing when workers would remove the bags of yard waste outside their homes.

According to Behr, “They’ve been there since Hurricane Ian hit over two months ago.” He continued everyone kept placing things into the road rather than the side of the tiny street. County workers confirm that its contractors are on the job.

In Seminole County, Hector Valle oversees the solid waste division. He claimed that crews had been backed up for weeks due to Ian and Nicole’s two consecutive hurricanes.

According to Valle, we’ve been using 70 to 80 vehicles to collect debris from 200,000 homes in Seminole County.
Christy Kern questioned Valle, “Have you ever seen something like this.”

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Never. It’s never happened before, “Valle answered. We’ve never seen anything like the volume and quantity of vegetal trash.”

The county has agreements with Haulers, Waste Management, and Waste Pro claims Valle. These businesses allegedly have backlogs, and crews are dispersed throughout various parts of the state, including the severely affected Lee and Volusia counties. Regular yard waste is bottom of their list of priorities.

“Larger mounds of rubble impede the highways. They cause congestion. They pose risks to children and pedestrians, “explained Valle.

He calculates that around 70% of the trash in Seminole County has been removed. He expects the remaining issues to be resolved within four to six weeks.

Some locals may not like it, but Behr says he’ll be patient. There are many more folks who are in pain.

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