Dr Stone Season 3: What’s The Story of Dr Stone Season 3?

Here we are talking about Dr Stone season 3, the beginning of Dr Stone has earned a spot among the best Shonen Jump books. All eyes are naturally focused on the anime ahead of season three since the manga came to a spectacular conclusion last spring. After all, we have finally been given a window for the eagerly anticipated release, which is expected to arrive next year.

As you might have noticed online, a tonne of new information about Dr Stone has surfaced, and it’s all about season three. According to speculations, the new season will have the title “New World” and will debut in April 2023.

Given how long Dr Stone has been off the air, it is evident that fans will want to prepare for season three as it approaches. The anime’s second and last primary season ended in March 2021. Many fans know that a television special about Ryusui appeared earlier this summer. And now, only a few months separate internet users from season three. The foundation of the Kingdom of Science and its conflict with the Empire of Might were the main subjects of Dr Stone’s earlier seasons. The lack of an explanation for the petrification has left the fans eager for the upcoming season. Dr Stone’s third season was revealed immediately following the conclusion of Season 2.

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Given the popularity of the previous two seasons, the approval of Season 3 was inevitable. Additionally, there are over 150 chapters to animate, meaning that the anime has a lot of ground to cover. Manga readers are confident that this forthcoming season will be a pleasure for everyone. That raises the issue of when Dr Stone: Season 3 will be available.

When Does Dr Stone Season 3 Release?

Dr Stone: The third season will debut in April 2023. Although the specific April release date is still a mystery, the Spring 2023 release window has already been established. You still have time to catch up with Dr Stone before it’s released.

TMS Entertainment will oversee third-season production. Other anime they are well recognised for animating include Case Closed, Lupin the Third, and Fruits Basket. The preceding Dr Stone seasons were animated by TMS Entertainment as well.

For Seasons 1 and 2, the studio produced 24 episodes and 11 episodes, respectively; the number of episodes for Season 3 has not yet been made public. However, considering how long the upcoming arc will be, Season 3 probably won’t contain fewer than 20 episodes. What will the focus be for the upcoming season?

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What’s the Story of Dr Stone Season 3?

The Age of Exploration and maybe the Treasure Island arcs will be adapted for Season 3, dubbed New World. Both storylines begin where Season 2 left off, covering Chapters 83 to 138 of the manga. Our favourite protagonists will be followed throughout this adventure as they explore the globe searching for the cause of the petrification.

In the third season, the Kingdom of Science and the Empire of Might will collaborate to construct a ship. Their ultimate objective is to get to the other side of the planet to discover what brought about the petrification of humanity. You will meet new personalities and a different post-petrification community as a result of doing so.

This season will answer many questions because the saga is known as Source of Petrification. The Kingdom of Science will also make numerous discoveries to aid its development. This season’s events will advance the story while illuminating the mysteries of their post-apocalyptic, petrified planet.

You shouldn’t miss Dr Stone’s upcoming season if you’ve only been watching the anime. You can purchase a Blu-ray copy of Dr Stone or watch it on Crunchyroll to catch up on the happenings of the anime.

Trailer of Dr Stone Season 3

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