Fatal Accident on I-69 Today: Two People Are Hospitalised When a Dump Truck Hits a Semi on I-69 Close to Anderson

On Friday, a Fatal Accident on I-69 Today near Anderson that was initially reported as a fatality has since been changed to one that injured two persons. At first, state authorities said that the collision was fatal.

The only two people involved in the collision—the drivers of a semi and a dump truck—suffered non-life-threatening wounds, according to an update from the Madison County Sheriff’s Department hours later.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, the collision happened in the southbound lanes between Markelville Road and Rangeline Road (mile markers 227.8 to 227.6), roughly one mile north of Anderson, at around 11 a.m.

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The MCSD reported that “all southbound lanes are closed and anticipated to be so for several hours” at around 1:45 p.m.

The sheriff’s office provided the following analysis of the collision: At the 227.6-mile mark of Interstate 69’s northbound lanes, an Indianapolis man was driving a 2008 Mack dump truck towing a flatbed trailer.

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The dump truck took a sharp left turn, veering across the road’s median, over the barrier rope, and into the air. The dump truck entered northbound traffic and collided with a southbound semi-truck pulling a trailer carrying frozen food a man from Abilene, Texas, was driving.

Both southbound lanes of traffic were blocked when the dump truck came to rest on its side. The impact caused the semi to be pushed off the right side of the road, where it came to rest in a field on its side.

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