Helena Ramsay dead and obituary, Where Is The Parkland Shooting Victim

On February 23, 2018, Helena Ramsay, 17, was buried as one of 17 victims of the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida. Ramsay was murdered on February 14, 2018, while taking a Holocaust history class at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The perpetrator, Nicolas Cruz, has pleaded guilty, and a jury is considering whether to sentence him to death or life in prison.

Who are Helena Ramsay’s parents, Vincent and Anne Ramsay?
Born in Portsmouth, England, Vincent and Anne Ramsay welcomed Helena Freya Ramsay to the world on January 19, 2001.

Before moving to the US, Ramsay spent her first months with Havant on Helling Island, England. Ramsay “was an educated, kind and sensitive man,” according to a relative, and Curtis Page Ramsay Jr. started college in 2019.

Photo of Helena Ramsay with her mom

She was described by him as “well-loved and adored by others”. Despite her apparent reticence, her gentle, cheerful demeanor brings out the best in everyone she encounters. She is very motivated to achieve something in her academic research.

I still can’t fathom that she’s not with us anymore because she’s so smart and humorous.

Relatives Jamie Page reportedly wrote online that, according to the Orlando Sentinel, Helena was “a sincere, beautiful, talented person with so much hope and the brightest future.”

Helena Ramsay’s Parkland shooting victim autopsy and obituary
Surveillance video capturing murders from a distance is complemented by images of crime scenes and autopsies. Authorities are working hard to prevent the public from seeing the photos because they are horrific.

On the sixth day of testimony in a criminal trial, prosecutors brought the jury closer to the shooting that killed 17 at the 1200 facility on the Parkland High School campus. Her most prominent qualities are her faith, loyalty and kindness.

Where is Helena Ramsay’s family now?

Helena Ramsay’s family and her parents Vincent and Anne Ramsay attended the court hearing. Witness footage shown in court during the trial included children screaming and the sound of bullets.
In addition, the Dignity Memorial has released details of Helena’s obituary as well as a summary of her life and family. She is known as an ambitious and hard-working student who enjoys participating in extracurricular activities such as the United Nations Club, First Priority Group, etc.

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