How Did Rosita Die in the Walking Dead? What Was Rosita’s Reaction To The Bite?

How did rosita die in the walking dead? Its 11-season run has probably seen the most deaths of any show. Therefore, when it came to the AMC drama’s series finale, the debate was less about if a significant character would pass away and more about who. Dan Fogler and Alex Sgambati’s characters Luke and Jules met their demise at the beginning of the episode while attempting to flee a horde of zombies, but there was still one far greater domino to fall.

Rosita did save her daughter after a frantic search throughout the previous episodes to locate and rescue her infant Coco. Rosita, however, lost her footing when trying to ascend a pipe into a crowd of walkers alongside Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). She bravely and spectacularly emerged from the pile while fending off assailants, but the harm had already been done.

In a heartbreaking incident, Rosita admitted to Eugene that she had been bitten in the back. Later, at a dinner party celebrating the group’s accomplishment in preserving the Commonwealth, Rosita revealed to Gabriel: “Everything is flawless. I want to recall this instance, “before also telling him what had become of her. Eugene was beside her bedside for her last moment. She mumbled, “I’m glad it was you in the end,” before falling asleep.

Why did the producers kill Rosita? Rosita’s death in the finale wasn’t the creators’ intention, as it turns out. Christian Serratos, the actress who played her, instead made the pitch. So why did Serratos want Rosita to pass away? When did she come up with her evil scheme? And how were those last few sequences filmed?

EW interviewed the actress on Everything mentioned above, and her unique, quiet portrayal showcased the character’s mix of anguish and relief upon receiving the news. Watching the scene play out made Serratos feel pretty proud, he said. “It was excellent. I felt thrilled with myself. I don’t frequently look at myself and think, “God, that woman is great.” I thought to myself when I watched myself, “God, I f—-ing nailed it.” She did, after all.

It was Christian Serratos. Were they going to be so open about that? I had no idea. I’m overjoyed that I get to discuss it. I’ve been a part of the show for so long, and one of the things I truly enjoyed about watching it was how it made me feel. It caused heartstrings to be pulled.

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People frequently state, “Oh my God, I have no idea. It’s a sci-fi show, or it’s about walkers.” People and viewers dispute that this is the show’s primary idea. Family, heart, survival, and what you’ll do for your loved ones are what it’s all about.

I adored the show’s ability to make you feel something deep inside. And I just really wanted people to feel that way, especially during our finale. You want to lose someone towards the end of a show about maybe losing loved ones, in my opinion. Although that may sound gloomy, I believe we owe it to the programme fans to break their hearts again.

When did this scene start percolating in the Producer’s brain?

When did you start thinking about this, when did you bring it up to the producers, and how’d you bring it up? I probably first began to consider it when our previous season came to an end. And I believe we all said, “Who will go, I wonder? What person will it be?” And I think we gradually concluded that it might not even be someone. And I felt that, as I said, we owed it to the audience and the show to break their hearts once again. Additionally, it simply fits my persona so well for me.

I had such good luck that I could continue working on the show longer than my comic book character did. These are folks I adore. In all honesty, I wasn’t prepared to leave. Though it makes me very sad to think about her passing, acting can be a very psychological profession, so in a way, it brought me a kind of closure. You pretend to be this person for so long that you develop a strong bond with them. You feel a relationship with the character, almost.

After that, you never run into them again. There’s a lot of talk about spin-offs and other things, and I couldn’t survive in uncertainty. I had to know whether or not she would return at some point. I was about to lose my mind from it. Christian, it helped me to find closure. I genuinely believe that it made sense for Rosita. She was incredibly willing to sacrifice herself to protect her family and her child, and I assumed this was in her best interests.

So how in-depth was the pitch in terms of the circumstances? What were your thoughts, and what did you convey to them?

I didn’t have a concept when I spoke with Angela, and we discussed it. She would have to leave her family to save them, I realised. She had to defend them, whether it was her daughter or the extended family she had gathered over the years.

Then, there were a few possible explanations for what would transpire. In our profession, Everything is constantly changing. And yes, I believe it was shifting even as we were filming. Details matter, not necessarily the way she leaves the house. Elements are essential to us.

Given that everyone is so willing to stay up late, I believe that’s why our show is so great. “How can we improve Everything at once? What can we do to make it more plausible?”

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Thus, I believe she passed away after trying to save her daughter halfway through the season. The idea that the only option she had was to sacrifice herself to save Coco began to make a lot of sense.

I’ve been covering this show for a long time, and I’ve talked to many people whose characters have died along the way. And I was wondering if it’s different in the finale because other people are killed off to leave, yet the show keeps going. At this point, everyone’s leaving anyway, so you’re all leaving, just under different circumstances. Do you think that made it feel different at all?

Regarding the set, I didn’t necessarily acquire the exposure or experience that the folks who went before me did. Laughs I felt somewhat robbed of the fact that I wanted everyone to be sobbing over losing me but instead, we were all sobbing over losing each other and the show. However, I included some of that in my death scene. And it’s lovely.

With all the other options for spin-offs and other things, it didn’t feel like the show was ending, which made it complicated. It was an extraordinary sensation. Furthermore, I haven’t interacted with anyone who came before me. Even though the circumstances were different, Alanna Masterson and I had a brief conversation about it.

When Steve Yeun and I were speaking about his character’s death, I would contend that it was undoubtedly more intense for them because they didn’t get to spend every day hanging out with their buddies. I was grateful that I could stay to the very end. I would have been irate if I had left during the second-to-last episode.

What was Rosita’s reaction to the bite?

To me, there seemed to be sadness, of course, but also acceptance and relief, in a way, that she at least got to save her daughter. Yes, that was clear to her. Rosita, I agree that this is somewhat dark, but I find beauty in the darkness. She probably thought of herself as already dead in many respects. The planet has suffered such a horrible loss as a result of this. She was riding along since she was pessimistic about the whole thing after seeing where it got people and the bad decisions it caused them to make.

And it took her some time before she felt like she belonged among the characters on the show. She’s a bit of a hard nut to crack. Therefore, it wasn’t emotional for her. She anticipated that to happen all along. She could only hope for the knowledge that her daughter and the rest of her family were safe. The performance would have been very different if she hadn’t discovered Coco.

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That last line to Eugene, “I’m glad it was you in the end”, — what does that mean to you?

That was rather harsh. I want to cry just thinking about it. These characters have endured a great deal, similar to what her brother did. So it’s kind of lovely to know that he was going to be the one to kill her and be there for her in the end. And I believe that out of everyone she had encountered thus far, he was the one who made her feel the safest. She felt somewhat protected there. Therefore, it was a lovely moment.

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