Is Brentley A Real School?: Mass Shooting Really Happen?

Annie Fanelli is the senior editor of a New York-based women’s magazine called The Women’s Bible, and the protagonist of the Netflix thriller film Luckiest Girl Alive. Annie is meeting with documentary filmmaker Aaron Wickersham about the mass murders that occurred at her former school, the Brentley School, as she gets ready to marry her fiancé, Luke Harrison.

Annie remembers her time at Brantley and the terrible tragedy that occurred there because of Aaron’s insistence that she participate in a documentary about the school shooting. Motivated by this, we investigate whether or not the school shooting at this location is based on fact or fiction involving Brantley. Let’s compare notes on what we’ve found! In this article we will discuss about Is Brentley a Real School?

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Is Brentley A Real School?

The film adaptation of Jessica Knoll’s eponymous novel, “Luckiest Girl Alive”; the novel’s setting is The Bradley School. The Bradley School is located in the fictional town of Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Like Jessica Knoll’s alma mater, The Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, this one is private.

The most important detail that links Brantley/Bradley and The Shipley School is that Knoll was rape She was raped at the age of 15 by three boys while she was attending the latter school, just as Annie was raped by three of her fellow Brantley/Bradley classmates. The struggles and difficulties that Annie faced as a Brentley school student in the film are similar to Knoll’s when she was a high school student.

“No one was treating me like a victim; They were treating me like I was a criminal, like I was getting what I deserved,” Knoll explained. new York Times About the aftermath of a gang rape as a student. Nothing bad happened; you did something wrong, the writer explains. After being raped by Liam, Dean, and another friend of the two boys, Ani in the film goes through a similar process. Is Brentley a Real School?

After the tragic event, the “garbage slut” also appeared in Knoll’s school locker. Because of these parallels, it’s easy to imagine Brantley as a cinematic adaptation of Bryn Mawr’s own Shipley School on Yarrow Street. Established in 1888 as a feeder school for Bryn Mawr College by the Shipley sisters Hannah, Elizabeth, and Catherine, the school is still in use today. Famous people such as Marshmallow, Gavin Baker (actor/musician), David Corenswet (actor), etc. are all graduates of this institution. Is Brentley a Real School?

Is The Brentley School Shooting Real?

Although the film Brantley seems to be based on The Shipley School, it actually depicts a fictionalized account of a school shooting that actually occurred at the fictional school. The Shipley School was not a place where school shootings occurred, so Knoll did not have to witness anything similar while he was a student there.

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In spite of this, the author has based it on real events in order to comment on the tragic school shooting that actually occurred. The FBI reports that 75% of school shooters feel threatened, persecuted, or intimidated by others prior to their crime, and that 61% of those who plan school shootings are actually motivated by a desire for revenge. Both Knoll’s book and screenplay explore this theme through the perspectives of Arthur and Ben, the two friends responsible for the Brentley school shooting. Is Brentley a Real School?

After being tormented by Dean and his pals, Ben decides he must end the lives of his fellow students. Due to his position as a victim under Dean’s group’s authority, Ben resorted to using violence to achieve parity with them. On the other hand, vengeance was what propelled Arthur. For raping Annie and threatening Ben, he shoots Dean.

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