Jimmy Valdez dead and obituary, Actor and I Direct – cause of death

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Mao, Valverde, Dominican Republic, 1975. Poet, playwright, painter, cultural manager, commentator and news commentator. He studied Social Sciences at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and has a Diploma in Political Economy from the Henley George School of Social Sciences. He has participated in painting biennials and collective exhibitions in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and New York, organizing and curating collective exhibitions and art installations such as: “Poetas que pintan”, 2004; Underground City, 2012; The SixthFloor, 2013; “Te Deum”, 2014 et al.

He has published: For everyone, no matter what they smoke (Poetry, Mao Zedong, Dominican Republic, 1999); Soup all day (Poetry, Media Isla Editores, 2010); The Round Rock Fallen (Theatre, Overseas Literary Award 2009, National Editora Award, Dominican Republic, 2010); Maruja, de ser tú en el desgajo (poems, New York, 2010) Narrative fragments, stories and several of his poems appear in Nostalgias de Arena (Anthology of Writers of the Dominican American Community, Santo Domingo, 2011)); Old Ships Shall Sink (Poetry, eBook La Ovejita, New York-Spain, 2011); Osaku: Rust Makes a Living Man (Poetry, Urpi Publishers, New York, 2012); Y; The corpse of time (Poetry, National Edition). Editor, Dominican Republic, 2014). He currently lives in New York City, where he has had to work hard in a variety of trades, from chef, butcher and driver, to construction worker and art installer.

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