Joshua Wiley Dog Accident: What Happened To Joshua Family?

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Joshua Wiley Dog Accident

Kirstie Bennard was injured in a dog attack that was caused by two pet pit bulls, which resulted in the death of two children. Who are Lilly Jane and Hollace Dean Bennard, and what became of them? Is there a notice of death published for Hollace Dean and Lilly Jane Bennard? On Wednesday, Hollace Dean Bennard, who was just five months old, and his sister Lilly Jane Bennard, who was only two years old, were both found dead in Tennessee.

According to reports, Hollace Dean Bennard and Lilly Jane Bennard, who was mauled by the dogs in Shelby County, were pronounced dead at the scene of the incident. While attempting to protect her son and daughter from the attacker, Millington resident Kirstie Jane Bennard, who is 30 years old, suffered major injuries as well.

Lilly Jane And Hollace Dean Bennard Death

Wednesday brought the tragic deaths of Lilly Jane and Hollace Dean Bennard, who were both attacked by a dog. On Wednesday, Hollace Dean Bennard’s condition became so dire that she had to be airlifted to Regional One Health. The respiratory therapist is “hanging in there” according to sources, although she declined further medical treatment.

This information was released to the public on Thursday. Bennard has been married to Colby for 5 years. He works as the manager of a Harley-Davidson business in Memphis. Fortunately, he escaped uninjured. Hollace Dean Bennard and his sister Lilly Jane were their parents’ only children.

There have been no new developments in the investigation into the events leading up to the catastrophe. Animal control appears to have removed the animals from the home, although it is unclear whether or not they were euthanized. Colby, while chatting with Kirstie on Facebook eight years ago, referred to the couple’s two pit bulls as “house lions.”

What Happened To Joshua Wiley’s Family?

It’s not entirely clear if those dogs were the identical ones that attacked on Wednesday. Despite the authorities’ numerous attempts to contact Michael, Colby’s father, he has refused to talk to them. The assault took place at approximately 3:30 p.m. on a Wednesday in the family’s five-bedroom, $360,000 house on Sylvan Road in Millington, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis. As of yet, we have no idea what set off the pit bulls’ violent behaviour.

As of Thursday, the pit bulls are in the care of Shelby County Animal Control, according to a press release from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Since the attack is still being investigated, the Sheriff’s Office will not provide any other details at this time. Whether or not criminal charges will be filed is currently unknown.

Lilly Jane And Hollace Dean Bennard Obituary

Hollace Dean and Lilly Jane Bennard will both soon have obituaries published by their loved ones. Nothing had been said regarding the obituary or anything else from the family side since the death announcement.

We cannot expect any kind of notification or declaration from the family at this time because they are obviously dealing with a great deal of grief for the welfare of their children. Let’s wait to hear back from them and give them some time to respond.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is Joshua Wiley’s Dog Accident about?

Hollace Dean Bennard, 5 months, and his 2-year-old sister Lilly Jane Bennard died Wednesday in Tennessee. Hollace Dean Bennard and Lilly Jane Bennard were supposedly killed on the spot. Kirstie Jane Bennard, 30, was injured while defending her son and daughter.

2. What about Lilly Jane And Hollace Dean Bennard Deaths?

On Wednesday, a dog attacked Lilly Jane and Hollace Dean Bennard, resulting in their deaths.

3. What Happened To Joshua Wiley’s Family?

It’s unclear if those were the same dogs that attacked on Wednesday. Michael, Colby’s father, has ignored repeated calls from the police. The attack happened Wednesday at 3.30 p.m. in the family’s $360,000 home in Millington, Tennessee, a Memphis suburb. Unknown what provoked the pit bulls’ aggression.

4. What about Lilly Jane And Hollace Dean Bennard Obituary?

The Bennards’ families will release obituaries. Apart from their death news, no family members were mentioned in the obituary. As this is a huge tragedy for the family and they are anxious for their children, we cannot expect a statement from them. Wait till we hear from them.


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