Kari Lake is Suing an Arizona County for Election Records

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for governor of Arizona who lost, has filed a lawsuit for public records. She wants Maricopa County to give her several documents about the election.

Lake won’t admit that Democrat Katie Hobbs beat her, and she’s been bringing attention to the fact that voters in Arizona’s largest county had to wait in long lines and had other problems on Election Day.

Tim LaSota, her lawyer, says in the lawsuit filed on Wednesday that the county has not responded to requests for public records made on Nov. 15 and 16. The requests are meant to find voters who may have trouble voting, such as those who checked in at more than one vote centre or returned a mail ballot and checked in at a polling place.

Lake also wants to know about ballots mixed up and counted twice by accident. Officials from the county have said that the problem did happen at a few polling places but that it happens at most elections and can be fixed.

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Maricopa County has been getting a lot of complaints from Lake and her supporters about problems on Election Day. Most of these problems were caused by issues with printers at some vote centres, which caused them to print ballots with markings that were too light for the tabulators on-site to read. All of the votes were counted, but Lake says that some of her supporters may not have been able to vote because of all the confusion.

Before certifying the election, Lake wants the county to show him the election records. Monday is the deadline set by state law for the Board of Supervisors, which consists of four Republicans and one Democrat. Five other counties will also have certification votes on Monday. In two of those counties, Republican supervisors voted earlier to delay certifying the election.

The statewide poll is set to happen on December 5.

Friday, a request for a comment from the county was not answered immediately. Republican Bill Gates, the chairman of the Board of Supervisors, said that the county is responsible for the printer problem. He also noted that prominent Republicans, like state GOP Chair Kelli Ward, made the situation worse by telling voters not to let their ballots be counted at the elections headquarters in downtown Phoenix.

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