Kevin Lawler dead and obituary, Skilled in Coaching – cause of death

Experienced IB product design technical instructor with proven experience in the education management industry. Learn about coaching, lesson planning, educational technology, curriculum design and administration. Strong operations specialist with a QTS Design Technology major in Design Technology at Edge Hill University.

Develop product design courses for DP Product Design MYP. The IB Product Design course was developed and a new workshop was designed and implemented for the school. Founder of DP Product Design Teacher FB group (500 members) to share resources with the IB community.

I bring graphic design to the whole, developing teaching environments and equipment. I developed course materials and implemented work plans in this regard. I also teach elastic materials and we now have a very successful department with 30 students studying the subject at IGCSE and most recently AS level. I also teach ICT in elementary school and help develop projects for students with department chairs, using Moodle as the basis for student work.

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