Party Down Season 3 Filming is Completed and the Cast is Shown Off

After twelve years, Party Down’s third season is finally on the way, and the show’s star Ryan Hansen shared a photo of the whole group on Instagram as a preview of the next season.

The majority of the ensemble from the first season is back, including Hansen as Kyle Bradway, Megan Mullally as Lydia Dunfree, Martin Starr as Roman DeBeers, Jane Lynch as Constance Carmell, Ken Marino as Ron Doland, and, of course, Adam Scott as Henry Pollard, who is nearly always negative.

Lizzy Caplan, who plays Casey Klein, is the only cast member we know is leaving, so Henry Pollard will undoubtedly be depressed.

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And isn’t that the Henry Pollard we prefer, after all? But the fact that this comedy can still make sense after all these years apart from one another is telling.

The first time around, Party Down struggled with ratings and trust, but over time, new fans have discovered the programme and talked about it enough that returning to it after twelve years now makes sense.

But after all these years, it will be awful to see all these budding artists still employed by the catering firm. The images display a variety of behind-the-scenes glimpses into Party Down season 3, including Hansen on set with the rest of the group wearing their signature Party Down Catering uniforms and the entire ensemble hanging out on a bus.

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And it’s nice to have the team back together after so many years. The cast members consistently appear pleased to be back on the show in their shared photos.

We get some new characters in season 3, played by Tyrel Jackson Williams and Zo Chao, so it will be interesting to see how their dynamic works with the crew we know and love.

Caplan couldn’t return due to scheduling with her new show, but having everyone else return makes it seem like she would have produced had the timing worked.

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But Hansen’s posts gave us a chance to catch a glimpse of some of our old faves, like Starr, Lynch, Mullally, Marino, and more. They also did a terrific job of piquing our interest in the impending third season. Are we having fun yet, to quote Henry Pollard in his catchphrase? There is no release date for the Party Down revival. See Hansen’s article below:


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