Pixel Tablet Release Date, Specifications, Price & All The Latest Details!

The Google Pixel Tablet was one of many new products introduced at Google’s I/O developer conference in May that we weren’t expecting. Here is what is currently known, along with fresh information from the Pixel 7 launch event.

It’s true that after ten years after the company introduced the Nexus 7 with assistance from Asus, an own-brand Google tablet is finally in the works. One of the best tablets ever made is the Nexus, but will Google be able to duplicate that success with the Pixel moniker?

What Day Will The Pixel Tablet Be Available?

Google confirmed its return to the tablet market, but fans will still have to wait since the product won’t even be released this year.

The company merely stated at I/O that it would provide further information in 2023. We hope it doesn’t come to that, but Rick Osterloh stated on stage, “We’re planning to make it available next year,” which leaves the door open to it happening in 2024.

In the case that Google has no issues, we would anticipate it to have a proper release at Google I/O 2023 (presumably in May again) or the customary October event, where Android 14 and possibly the Pixel 8 should be unveiled.

Will Google Introduce a Pixel Tablet Pro?

There are already rumours about a Pro version of the Pixel Tablet, despite the device’s impending release. Now that Android 13 has been released, 9to5Google has looked into the code and found something called “tangorpro.”

It makes sense that the code is referring to the Pixel Tablet Pro as the ordinary Pixel Tablet is known by the codename “tangor.” More proof was discovered because Google abbreviated “tanfor” to “t6” and the Android 13 source code also makes reference to “t6pro.”

According to the website, this could also be released the following year and will include a better rear camera than its more basic stablemate. You may anticipate that the Pro model will have some more differences, such as a larger and more advanced display, but right now, no one knows for sure.

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Google Pixel tablet

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What is the Price of a Pixel Tablet?

It’s understandable that Google hasn’t disclosed the price of the Pixel Tablet given how far off it is. The term “luxury” was used to describe the gadget during the I/O keynote, which might have been a reference to the price or even the hardware.

It would be sensible for Google to aim for competitive pricing since, based on what we currently know, it doesn’t appear to be a competitor to the iPad Pro line or the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The Pixel Slate line was excessively pricey, and the success of the Pixel 6 phones is primarily a result of their affordable prices.

The Pixel Tablet should be priced at or below the £319/$329 pricing of the iPad 2021 in order to be successful.

Here Are the Specs of the Rumored Google Pixel Tablet.

Google offered us some hints about the new products they were developing earlier in May of this year. This includes a variety of gadgets, including the Pixel Watch, the Pixel Tablet, the future Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro.

At the Google I/O conference, we were only shown rendered marketing videos for the Pixel tablet, leaving off crucial information. However, a fresh leak from tipper Kuba Wojciechowski via 91mobiles has made several Pixel tablet details, including the internal storage and screen size, public.

When the Pixel tablet entered the engineering validation test phase, it appears that the information was leaked (EVT). If you didn’t know, this is what happens when a gadget finishes prototyping and finalises the hardware.

Regarding the specifications, it appears that there will be two storage options for the Pixel tablet: 128GB and 256GB. According to rumours, the tablet will also have a 10.95-inch screen, two cameras on the back, Wi-Fi 6 compatibility, and a stylus that was created by Google.

Additionally, Google sent some Pixel tablets to India during the engineering validation testing phase (EVT), suggesting that the corporation may also market the tablet in that country. This is consistent with a prior rumour that claimed Google would also introduce the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in the nation.

Additionally, rumours claim that the forthcoming Pixel tablet will use a Tensor chipset from the first version. It will be the first handset to release with a 64-bit version of Android 13 and will not feature GPS, proximity, or barometer sensors, according to a previous tip. On October 6, at Google’s launch event, more specific information about the tablet should be revealed.

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