Shooting Reported At Dearborn Hotel: Suspect Turns Himself In To Police At A Hotel Near Detroit!

DEARBORN, Mich. — After being summoned to what is being described as an “active shooting scenario” at a hotel in Downtown Dearborn on Thursday afternoon, the police have arrived on the scene where a gunman is barricaded behind a barrier.

The police in Dearborn have reported that they are now engaging a gunman at the Hampton Inn hotel, which is located on Michigan Avenue and is close to Military Street. Just after one in the afternoon, police were dispatched to the location, and as soon as they arrived, they ordered everyone to leave the hotel.

The shooter, according to the Dearborn police department, is not currently in custody but has been “contained.” The department also reported that at least one victim was taken to a hospital in the area. It seems that the shooter is now located on the third floor of the hotel. According to the police, they are in the process of negotiating with the suspect at this time. The police have stated that they have a strong suspicion that the shooter is using a long gun.

According to the statements made by the Dearborn police, the shooting occurred because of a disagreement about money with hotel workers.

The incident was referred to as “an active gunshot scene” by the Michigan State Police, who added that “this scenario is dynamic and dangerous.” Keep your distance from the situation.”

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