Slifer’s Bloodhound service’s bonded son and best friend death and obituary

It is with great sadness and extreme mourning that I share bad news that my best friend, partner, and son I never had, Dio, has passed away last night. Needless to say this happened as a total and complete shock to myself and my family, I’m sure some of you are in shock as well. Anyhow I will certainly give more details of the account hopefully later today as to what/when this happened.

If you know me, you know I love my hounds. Dio and myself had that extra rare/special bond few can relate to. Dio was part of me, so know that currently a huge part of me is suddenly gone right now. If you know me as well, I was always uncomfortable when anyone spoke of Dio as a legend in the past. I simply insisted Dio a rockstar, to me that is what he was. 🤘 However I would now humbly accept if anyone wants to claim Dio was a legend. There is a line in the move The Sandlot, where Babe Ruth says, “Remember kid
Hero’s get remembered, but legends never die.” I know that Dio will live forever in my heart, thoughts, and dreams. So perhaps legends never die!

Recently I came across the following that was written by Betsy Copland, it sums up how I currently feel.
“The trail lies cold now,
And you have followed where I cannot go.
Nose to the ground as always, running with fluid stride,
No harness to impede you, and I can no longer keep up.
Only you;
and the scent of God who laid your track
Rest well my friend, you will be missed “
Thank you everyone who called upon Dio to help you and thank you to those of you that followed along with Dio and his adventures.
RIP my boy

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