Stanford Shopping Center Shooting: Nobody was Injured While Shot Fired Into Restaurant

Here we are talking about Stanford shopping center shooting, at least two bullets were fired in what seemed to be a drive-by shooting at Stanford’s Shopping Center in Palo Alto on Monday night, and police are seeking the shooter. Although no one was harmed, a bullet did strike a neighbouring vacant car and an open shop with clients inside.

Jensen Owens, who was out shopping with his brother, stated, “We observed a person fleeing the opposite way, and he shouted, “Don’t go that way. There’s a shooting.” “Police approached us and asked, “What are you doing? Run inside, please.

Around 4:25 p.m., a shot was fired into Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, hitting one of the restaurant’s windows. Police stated in a tweet that “the scene is secure, and there are many cops present to ensure public safety.” “According to preliminary information, the suspect shot a weapon from a moving car. Target or motivation are currently unknown.”

No suspect has been apprehended despite a witness reporting that someone fired shots at the restaurant from a black Chevrolet Camaro. Near the restaurant, police discovered an unoccupied car that had also been hit by a pistol round.


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Aaron Ownes said, “We found a roof access room, and we were just hoping the shooter wouldn’t get in there.” The brothers and dozens of others found themselves sheltering in Aritzia’s dressing room as police looked into two occurrences.

There was a drive-by shooting just in front of Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, and there were allegations of someone wandering around the mall while wearing a gun holster.

Aaron added, “I was terrified the entire time. I texted my mother, “I love you; there’s a shooter.” According to Palo Alto police, a restaurant was hit by a bullet while patrons were inside, and a car in the parking lot was also hit.

Thankfully, nobody was harmed. And it turned out that the rumours about a potentially armed person within the mall were untrue. Shoppers are unsure whether returning during the holiday season will be safe in light of this and other recent smash-and-grabs.

“I believe my initial thinking was, ‘Oh, do I want to keep shopping? But after that, all I could think was, “I don’t want to miss Christmas and the lights,” said shopper Lisa Gruman. According to police, their attempts to protect customers will continue as long as this inquiry is open.

According to Brian Philip of the Palo Alto Police Department, “you’re going to see our cars out there; you’re going to see our officers out there. You may not see some of us when we’re in plain clothes or unmarked cars, but it’ll be a range of suppression measures.”

Greg Tanaka, a councilman, stated that efforts are being made to introduce licence plate readers to the city. He hopes they are put in before the holiday season since some would be at this shopping complex.

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