The Florida Highway Patrol Has Travel Tips For Thanksgiving

FLORIDA’S BAY COUNTY (WMBB) — Thanksgiving is when many families gather together to celebrate, but if you have to drive to be with your family, be careful on the road since it can be dangerous.

According to Lieutenant Jason King of the Florida Highway Patrol, the holiday travel season is among the busiest.

Roads will become congested, according to King. “People’s temperaments will worsen and become easily enraged by other motorists. Just be ready and leave at a reasonable hour. Our advice is to be prepared if you encounter problems, such as a breakdown or a chance encounter with the highway patrol or other law enforcement, and to be aware that we will assist you.

According to King, most breakdowns occur unexpectedly; thus, you should check your car before driving.

It may happen at any time, King said. “I inspect my vehicles, and I had a blowout driving back from North Georgia last weekend on a family excursion.” “We suggest that folks go through a short checklist. The one we’ll give them basically says, “Hey, check it under the hood, check the oil, the radiator fluid, your windshield wipers, your windshield wiper fluid, your air pressure, and your tyre tread.” They can get it online or via your agency.

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Along with increased traffic stops and car accidents over the holiday weekend, King said troopers also saw an uptick in DUIs.

King said we travel one or two hours away; it’s a standard route. “The thought process is that we know what we’re doing, where we’re going, and it’s okay to have a beer or two. But when you depart from there and begin to return home, we conduct a traffic stop and discover that you are operating a vehicle while intoxicated. As a result, you will now spend the holidays in jail.

According to King, the FHP will put 10% more cars on patrol.

To ensure traffic flows as smoothly as possible, they will also allocate special enforcement on major thoroughfares like Highway 231.

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