Town Hall 15 Release Date Status: Confirmed Or Not?

In 2012, Finnish developer Supercell released their free-to-play mobile strategy” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>game Clash of Clans. Release dates for iOS devices were August 2, 2012, and Google Play for Android devices was October 7, 2013. The player assumes the role of a village chief in a fantasy-themed persistent world.

In Clash of Clans, players are tasked with creating a thriving community by constructing a variety of buildings with the materials amassed via raiding the settlements of other players and earning rewards, purchasing them with medals, or producing them in their own village. Gold, elixir, and black elixir are the primary materials. Players can band together into clans of up to 50 members and engage in Clan Wars, share troops, and have in-game conversations with their comrades.

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Town Hall 15 Gameplay

In Clash of Clans, players organise into groups known as “clans,” build armies and wage war against one another in order to amass riches and defeat stronger opponents. In this game, you’ll need to manage four different currencies. The player can use gold and elixir to construct and improve structures, as well as defences and traps, to keep their village safe from the onslaught of other players.

Both elixir and dark elixir can be utilised to level up your army and your magic. Once employed for the purpose of military training, such methods are no longer necessary because all personnel receive free education. Coins are not as valuable as gems. Attacks have a maximum timer of three minutes and a star rating from one to three.

There’s also a pseudo-single-player campaign where you can take on a series of defended goblin towns for loot and experience (and dark elixir in higher levels). In order to make the necessary changes, you will need access to a free builder. Players begin with two builders, but can eventually have up to five by spending gems on them, and six by obtaining the O.T.T.O. Hut in Builder Base 9.″ rel=”attachment wp-att-41055″>Town Hall 15×402.jpg 768w,×79.jpg 150w,×157.jpg 300w,×364.jpg 696w,×559.jpg 1068w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px”>
Town Hall 15

Gold mines and gold storages, as well as elixir collectors and elixir storages, are what players need to make and store their respective currencies of gold and elixir. Buildings used in attacks on other players’ bases, as well as research conducted in the laboratory to improve existing troops, require an elixir to construct or upgrade. Gold can be spent to construct fortifications and improve the town hall, granting you access to new structures and higher levels than your current ones.

Starting in Town Hall 7, you’ll be able to craft dark elixir, which can be used to train and improve dark elixir troops, heroes like the Barbarian King, and, as of Town Hall 8, to concoct dark spells. In order to mine for and stockpile dark elixir, players must construct dark elixir drills and dark elixir storages. Archer Queen can be obtained after completing Level 9 of Town Hall.

Defending your town is easy with the Eagle Artillery, unlocked at TH11. The Grand Warden, a new hero unlocked at Town Hall 11, is the only one of the playable heroes that has a special requirement of elixir for his birth and upgrades. After upgrading to Town Hall Level 13, the Giga Inferno replaces the Giga Tesla as the Town Hall’s primary line of defence.

In addition to releasing Scattershot, Town Hall 13 frees up the Royal Champion hero and allows access to the Royal Champion. At Town Hall 14, you can assign pets to heroes and improve Builder’s Huts to level 4, turning them into attack constructions.

Town Hall 15 Release Date

Town Hall 15 is scheduled to be published in Clash of Clans in October 2022, however, Supercell has not announced an official release date. Supercell has never had a set schedule for updates. The Spring 2021 update to Clash of Clans introduced Town Hall 14. In December 2019, Town Hall 13 was published.

In honour of Clash of Clans’ ten-year anniversary, developer Supercell just shared a retrospective film. However, they also shared their vision for the game’s future. They hope to roll out this update in 2022, starting with Town Hall 15.

Town Hall 15 Upgrade Cost and Details

Costing 15 million Gold and taking 15 days to complete, the Town Hall 15 upgrade is not for the faint of wallet or patience. It can hold 2,080,000 Gold, 2,080,000 Elixir, and 20,000 Dark Elixir, and it has 9,600 health. Town Hall 15 will not have a very powerful signature defensive weapon, but it will be upgradable multiple times. Supercell has also teased several “tricks” that would be shown in subsequent previews.

Level 5 upgrades for the TH15 Giga Inferno cost 10M, 12M, 14M, and 16M, respectively. There’s a gradual increase in damage output from 300 DPS and a 4-tile radius to 320 DPS and a 4.5-tile radius, with an additional 1,100 damage dealt when destroyed.″ rel=”attachment wp-att-41056″>Town Hall 15 Upgrade×402.jpg 768w,×79.jpg 150w,×157.jpg 300w,×364.jpg 696w,×559.jpg 1068w” sizes=”(max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px”>
Town Hall 15 Upgrade Cost

When you reach Town Hall Level 15, not only do you have access to new Buildings and Defenses, but also new Hero Levels, Troops, and Spells for your Home Village. This post contains all the information you need to know about Town Hall 15.

The update additionally decreases the upgrade costs and upgrade timeframes of various troops, defences, and structures as part of the restructuring and balancing of upgrade costs. Here is the whole rundown of savings measures. There has been no official confirmation from Supercell, but the October 2022 update is likely to go online on the 10th. If so, then we can anticipate teasers for another three or four days. Supercell said they have “something monolithic” that “will wreak doom for your adversaries” coming tomorrow.

Town Hall 15 – New Base Defense

There will be no special defensive features in Town Hall 15. Nonetheless, the Giga Inferno that began in Town Halls 13 and 14 will continue in the Town Hall. In this case, though, it “may be improved numerous times to make it even more powerful than before.”

Despite the lack of new base defence, Supercell has pledged to make up for it with “a few tricks under our sleeves, as you’ll see over the following previews.” Watch the official Clash of Clans channels on Twitter and YouTube to see sneak peeks of upcoming content.

Town Hall 15 Trailer

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