TSA Discovered a Cat in an X-Ray of a Luggage Belonging to a Delta Traveller

TSA Discovered a Cat in an X-Ray of a Luggage Belonging to a Delta Traveller at JFK Airport, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee was astonished to discover something strange—and alive—in a man’s suitcase.

According to TSA spokesman Lisa Farbstein, on November 16, when screening a traveler’s suitcase, TSA agents spotted the shape of a cat.

On November 22, Farbstein posted on Twitter that “a @TSA officer was astonished to see an orange cat inside a checked luggage at @JFKairport after it went through the X-ray unit.”

According to Farbstein’s post, the stowaway cat belonged to another member of the passenger’s household and was “safely back home.” The cat’s rust-coloured fur could be seen poking out from the suitcase’s zipper in a photo that Farbstein tweeted.

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The passenger’s scheduled airline, Delta, was subsequently contacted by TSA officials, according to Farbstein in the Washington Post article. The traveller had a destination of Orlando, Florida.

The traveller missed his flight, but Farbstein said he could arrange travel for the next day. Via November 23, the TSA shared multiple images from the event on Twitter.

A brilliant red silhouette of the cat was visible in one X-ray imaging photo, along with numerous of the passenger’s possessions, including flip-flops, wine glasses, and bottles.

In another image, the agent is shown unlocking luggage that had a cat snuggled inside. The official TSA website states that animals shouldn’t be sent through the screening process X-ray tunnel.

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Animal stowaways found in bags are not as rare as some people may believe. A pet chihuahua was discovered inside a couple’s suitcase in 2021 by a Southwest employee at a Texas airport. The dog was found dozing off in one of the couple’s cowboy boots when the staffer unzipped the bag.

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